Monday, August 17, 2009

the first day

Well, today is my first day of doing this, so this may be short. My daughter doesn't want breakfast, only a cookie, which she's asked for continuously. We're sitting in her room so she can stay in her bed with her pacis, the bed being the only place she can have them. I'm struggling with stomach problems, either from stress or running or the things I've tried to make it better.
I intend to work tirelessly to make her a responsible citizen in this world by letting her know who Jesus is in her everyday life. I'm also going to help teach her proper behavior and hopefully potty training. She's a pretty good little kid that's had a kind of unstable life with me not having a job anymore and both parents being generally unhappy and lonely. We wait anxiously on God's good things like encouragement and money and job satisfaction and people to influence. And even if Lia is the only person I influence I really look forward to that.