Thursday, October 14, 2010

no choice?

I just read a FaceBook status yesterday that people are "born gay." Well I don't think so and maybe you don't either if you ever read my blog. But I decided to do a little investigation on google to see what other, possibly unbiased sites thought. So that eliminated sites with a only Christian worldview.
It seems that the scientists don't agree on this idea. Some have tried to find a "gay gene" and have stated that they have; others have stated that to find this singular characteristic is impossible. Animals in nature may CHOOSE to be homosexual for a time but there's no evidence they're born that way. And humans that pair as same sex couples serve no biological function, that is, they can't have children naturally without adoption or surrogacy, so that's out.
Biblically, homosexuals are pictured as depraved in the Old Testament and willfully sinning in the New Testament; a sinner that God loves but a sin that God deplores.
If persons are BORN gay how do some become ex-gay? Wouldn't their physiology preclude that from ever happening?
One of my favorite TV shows that has made me laugh for over a season is now pushing the political issue. It's a shame really but if Modern Family continues going in this direction I won't be watching any more.
I don't have any gay or lesbian friends. I guess I have been propositioned in the past but I have always felt this to be an aberrant behavior. And I'm sure there are nice people that are also homosexual and someone has a ministry there, it's just not me. I've read that the philosopher/theologian Henri Nouwen was gay and celibate. Loved everything I read of his.