Thursday, July 28, 2011

just a little

How sweet are words of encouragement from friends. Thanks.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

don't be an egg-no-ray-moose

I don't want to write the whole great article I just read, like some pastors that would reteach their sermon in the closing prayer, but this is one of the most important things I've read about the church as it is today. It seems you're either one of two churches, one that does things as they've been done since the 1950s and one that wants to attract people that have never been to church before. But if you're the second one what do you do with the people that aren't historically part of the culture? Biblical ignorance is rampant and it really affects the church because ultimately people's daily lives aren't being changed.
Anyway, here's the article. My biggest passion is empowering people to be unpaid pastors, at work and in their local church. Not knowing the Bible is the biggest impedance to doing that.

Onward and upward

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Your resurrection

Since going to Beulah Camp Meeting this last week, this revelation has changed my life. It really shouldn't have changed my life, since I've been reciting the Apostle's Creed for years, but I guess you can say something from memory and not connect with it in any meaningful way. But Dr. Steve Lennox preached really deep sermons on the Creed and I feel like my faith has gained something new. Nobody ever talked about a bodily resurrection at any time during seminary and I guess I've truly stayed the faith of my youth, and we certainly never talked about it.
Well, I just finished reading Miracles by CS Lewis and look forward to Keith Drury's Common Ground and Mike Licona's The Resurrection of Jesus. Good cigar books probably but I look forward to them.
Anyway, if you want to know more, here's a brief synopsis of my excitement on a site I often visit. Hope it changes you too.

CH Spurgeon on books

One of my cigar smoking brothers that I'll be excited to meet in heaven, CH Spurgeon, believed in the value of books. I've got lots of them. I think they're of great value for smart people as well as people that want to be smart. I'll get rid of lots of things with my next move, but my books won't be one of them.

Mark Driscoll

This doesn't encourage my hope in the megachurch. Apparently Mark Driscoll can say whatever he wants. Now I'm not exactly following this guy or holding him up as a banner of the faith, but I do believe men need to be men. But just what are we going to do to teach the ones that aren't our children or part of our youth ministries? Surely not what Driscoll does.
No bully pastors. I don't see it in the Bible.

Onward and upward