Friday, December 10, 2010

on the missing of humility

A guy I really respect, Thomas Sowell, wrote an article on how meaningless media coverage of sporting events had become. I want to say things and listen to things that really matter, so this was just what I wanted to read.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

getting out there

This has been a big season of life for me. I've begun really extending myself, I think, in hopes and preparation of my future here, whatever that is. My music is going pretty well, but it looks like the way I've done that for some time will need to change as well. Singing at church is great and it's the highlight of my week when I'm on the schedule. I'm also involved with Christmas at the Playhouse, which is waaay out of my element, since it's musical theatre and I don't really do that stuff. It's more like acting than singing.
So anyway, the whole Playhouse thing has been so overwhelming I almost decided not to do it. I got a solo, which I've been told is quite rare for a first-timer, and I have awakened many nights lately fretting about it. I have pretty terrible stage fright, which I intend to improve as time goes on, and the time commitment to this thing is large. I had almost convinced myself that it's not worth it.
But how much am I around non-Christian people? Almost none. I mean, I'm not working so I'm not talking to them at a job. So I guess this is where God intends me to be. I pondered the idea of working for a church again someday, but I don't think I'd ever do that. It's like Os Guinness has described "a religious ghetto." It's just not for me. So, although I'm concerned about my next job and have no idea about what it could be, I've just GOT to be around seeking people. I mean, I'm a Christian and I'm still seeking. There's got to be people God wants me to talk to.