Thursday, March 24, 2011

the Kiss

I guess since I'm up early, I might as well blog.
Well, since Victoria Jackson, former SNL funny lady, has blogged about the gay kiss on Glee this week, I thought I would at least support what she's saying. She may be branded as a bit of a loony but I think she's OK with that. People on youtube are absolute sheep in the culture war and condone the "anything goes" attitude that says you can go beyond posting that Rebecca Black's "Friday" video is "terrible pop music" to "you should kill yourself."
Jackson is right. It's not OK for 2 men, or women to kiss each other. The Bible is clear about this and other sins. It's just tough for those of us that once thought this was a Judaeo-Christian culture to see what it is now, and that seems to not just be secular but anti-Christian.
And while you're over on youtube, you should watch and comment on my singing. I would really appreciate it. It's relatively wholesome.