Monday, August 29, 2011

no perfect work

I just had a job for a day. I neglected to tell people about cause I didn't know if I should be excited or worried. It was at Costco and I worked(for the day) front end. Now I knew that this was a retail business and even though I've tried to avoid retail, times have been tight, for everyone, and I haven't worked in a while due to residency issues. So, after standing in a job fair line for over an hour, I got an interview that called me back for a second interview. And I was hopeful that I could do it.
Obviously I interviewed well the second time and I liked the warehouse manager and was offered the job. But while there are some things I know I can do that are out of my education and experience, this wasn't one of them. My time as a glorified bag boy, hurried packing awkward giant boxes into a cart or boxes like a game of Tetris viewed from the top, was miserable. So many people, so fast, such impatient managers, and I knew upon leaving for the day I probably wouldn't be back. I want to work but this was just overwhelming.
Now before you consider judging me remember I'm not like you. We all have different personalities and gifts and sensitivities. This job was just outside of my range. I hope to find something soon. I learned something about myself so I hope that was the important thing.

Onward and upward