Sunday, April 4, 2010

The New Era of "Nothingness"

I occasionally pick up Adbusters magazine, a liberal rag that studies modern media. This article had already been commented by a fellow blogger but I thought it was great. Give it a read. It's short and really gives Christians some idea about who we're talking to, especially those in the university world.


  1. interesting. i can relate to some of that, and don't necessarily see it as opposed to my faith. it certainly makes it sound like this is the opportune moment for witness to a hurting world, that's for sure. what do you think, jody?

  2. amie, convincing the intellectual elite is my heart. i don't think many people are convinced they are going to hell any more after they die and only right now matters, not what might happen in the future. i think the article points out how insidious and far-reaching hopelessness is in the world.
    now if i can just get out there again...

  3. Yes, existentialism (don't you just love my erudite philosophical vocabulary) runs rampant in the culture at so many levels, even in many mainline denominations and a few congregations with which I have become familiar in recent years as I become more 'academically sophisticated' running with the Reformed folks. It has been my experience to be made feel silly or superstitious in their company because I have a sense of the ontological in other than truth and beauty. Doesn't make me less secure in my faith, just more grateful for it. Also makes more a little more discerning in how I go about demonstrating my faith and for the purposes that I desire to do so - I'm not looking to recruit others b/c of the company I'll have by gaining them but for the glory of the one I serve.