Thursday, October 14, 2010

no choice?

I just read a FaceBook status yesterday that people are "born gay." Well I don't think so and maybe you don't either if you ever read my blog. But I decided to do a little investigation on google to see what other, possibly unbiased sites thought. So that eliminated sites with a only Christian worldview.
It seems that the scientists don't agree on this idea. Some have tried to find a "gay gene" and have stated that they have; others have stated that to find this singular characteristic is impossible. Animals in nature may CHOOSE to be homosexual for a time but there's no evidence they're born that way. And humans that pair as same sex couples serve no biological function, that is, they can't have children naturally without adoption or surrogacy, so that's out.
Biblically, homosexuals are pictured as depraved in the Old Testament and willfully sinning in the New Testament; a sinner that God loves but a sin that God deplores.
If persons are BORN gay how do some become ex-gay? Wouldn't their physiology preclude that from ever happening?
One of my favorite TV shows that has made me laugh for over a season is now pushing the political issue. It's a shame really but if Modern Family continues going in this direction I won't be watching any more.
I don't have any gay or lesbian friends. I guess I have been propositioned in the past but I have always felt this to be an aberrant behavior. And I'm sure there are nice people that are also homosexual and someone has a ministry there, it's just not me. I've read that the philosopher/theologian Henri Nouwen was gay and celibate. Loved everything I read of his.


  1. If one of my children were to announce that they were gay, I would expect the same from them that I expect of my single 55 year old sister....celibacy. There are other ways to get and receive love than sexually.

    I believe that the influences that govern sexually are so complex, the answer can't only be genetic. There might be a genetic "tendency" or bent, but there are just too many other factors in play to confirm that it is ONLY genetic.

    However, the FB threads that are moving around now have a lot to do with respecting the dignity of the person. That we MUST do...regardless of their sexual "choice".

    I would have no problem giving a helping hand and loving my son who was a known drunk....likewise, I shouldn't have any problem loving, helping a child who is homosexual. This also means that I should NOT be an enabler or deny the sin.

    But a christian adult or teen should be the first to come along side and befriend the bullied sexually confused teen!


  2. Oh, I don't have an issue with "love," as in a concern for and desire to help them with any issue. I would do this for any person I had a relationship with. But a post that asked me to repost that people were "born gay" is a bunch of hogwash. It simply has too many questions around it and is usually only "proven" by persons with an agenda.
    I don't know about the bullying. It seems that this "minority" is the most accepted and politically motivated group of persons I know. If guilt is the reason for their troubles let's not pass that off as the persecution of society. That's self imposed.

  3. I probably read the same status and felt I had to resist comment there at this particular time. I have researched this as well and as much as people try to push the idea of being born gay there is absolutely no scientific proof ... only conjecture to manufacture behavior justification.

  4. There have been several suicides recently that have been linked to bullying or "out-ing" a teen/youth adult that was gay including the posting of a youtube video of a college roommate "in the act". The roommate jumped from a bridge.

    Christians should be the FIRST to stand against this kind of hate.

    Also...many, many things that we do that result in persecution or prejudice are a result of our choices. My point is the christian should not be the one being hateful or shunning someone because of their sin.

    Yes, they are a very politically motivated "protected" group of people. No question. But not all of them care about the politics. There is true anguish behind the mask for many of them. Killing themselves should NOT be the answer!

    But they are still people...that Jesus died for...just like me.

    Although I don't honestly believe that people are "born" has to admit that in some, there seems to be a tendency in that direction. You then add life experiences, sin choices, etc. to the mix...and it might "seem" to them that they were "born that way".

    In the is a moot point. Even if we are born with a tendency in certain direction that God says is sin, it is sin and dishonours God. That is where are choices begin.

    We are are born with a tendency to get angry can, given the right life circumstances develop into a life of uncontrolled rage and sin. Doesn't make it right.

    Always good to dialogue! :)

  5. still curious about what the anguish of being "outted" stems from. i mean, is it from being "born gay" and not wanting anyone to know? is it fear of ridicule that I'm uncertain even exists? is it going away to university and having sex and unknowingly being filmed-in a known public environment(the dorm)?
    It seems the anguish maybe stems from the desire to be free from personal responsibility. In which case: I don't know the remedy. Because there's not one.
    I don't know how Christians stand against this. If it's a kid we know or our own child that's one thing. Otherwise I will continue to teach, where I can, that hate is not a Christian character trait. And if there's one thing I'm SURE the Bible teaches, it's that.

  6. Jody, first of all, great post and thoughtful responses. My rxn to the 'born gay' status has been wondering if we weren't revisiting the age old nature vs. nurture debate (and I think we saw with Eddie Murphey and Dan Ackroyd in Trading Places that it is nurture that wins out!)
    Anyway, 1980s comedies aside, I remember an article Dr. Mulholland wrote for the ATS paper about sexuality. Basically he saif that when we define ourselves sexually we are not fully identifying with Christ. His point (as I remember it) was that Christians aren't to identify themselves by the flesh only b.c it denied the power of the Spirit within us.

    I think it is necessary for the Christian community to deal with homosexuality and confront what we truly believe about the transformational power of Christ but I don’t know how well that sells to a secular audience.

    I'm torn about the "It Gets Better" Campaign launched in the wake of the recent suicides. I think it is important that persons 'on the edge' know there are others who love and care for them just because they are human and happen to profess a gay lifestyle. What I object to is the recent video a NYC seminary filmed that repeatedly said that God loved them just the way they are and created them to be that way. That I don't buy. I do buy that God created me and that God loves me the way I am w. the all important caveat that God isn't interested in me staying the way I am. God is interested in recreating me, having me conform to the pattern of Christ and to be transformed by the renewing of my mind, spirit and body. There was no mention of sin or the fact that God wants us to conform to the pattern of Christ in this video I object to or even with some of my homosexual Christian friends. That frustrates me.

    There are lots of stigmas in the world that is the result of discrimination or bigotry. I suspect that homosexuality is one as well, but I am at a loss of why suicide among sef-professing gay teens has been on the upswing. As a single heterosexual woman who has never married and has no children, I can tell you that I often joked and am good naturally teased by lesbian friends that my life would be just easier to live in society if I just outed myself to avoid the awkward questions and raised eyebrows that stop people dead in their tracks when I tell them I do not have children nor is there a husband anywhere on my life's landscape. I am not trying to wrest away the limelight and say that my underprivelaged demographic needs attention, I am just saying that take a look at the various female role models you have in Scripture....the ones that have problems are barren and somehow God comes along and manages to open their womb and give them a child with their husband....and the one single lady in Scripture ends up pregnant w/o asking for it and she just happens to end up being the mother of the Savior , still keeps the guy, gets married and ends up being mentioned anytime anyone recites the Apostle's Creed!

    I seriously hurt for a teenage population that thinks suicide is the answer to ending their pain. I think the Church AND society have a long way to go to understand and I don't know how dialogue can be broached. I think it is a matter of discipleship and living with integrity as Christians....I am not a youth minister (nor did I ever play on on TV) but I do think Kenda Dean's "Almost Christian" goes to the hear of what we aren't doing for our youth OR adults in the church - helping them establish an identity in Christ that helps them be transformed from what they are and be renewed as they are conformed to the image of Christ. Henri Nouwen, whom you cited above, was all about the conformity piece and never once did I read anything about his sexuality in his work. I guess what I am trying to say here at the end is that his life is an example of what we are called to live like regardless of what sexual orientation we believe is wired within us.