Thursday, September 17, 2009

down to business

So why am I the stay-at-home apologist? Well, I think there are 2 reasons. For most of my working life I haven't been at home, that is, not working at home. I have been in the workplace in a mix of secular and Christian jobs. I have to say I much prefer the secular. People have no expectations of you and you can BE your faith and once in a while get to talk about it, if others ask. I think I'm quite good at it. I've also worked secular jobs at the same time I've been doing some preaching and those in the Christ-soaked South wanted to see if I was for real or just another hypocrite. Or, that is to say, an obvious hypocrite.
Secondly, I think God has given me the responsibility of raising my daughter appropriately. I don't know that I'm doing a great job cause I don't feel much like playing 2 and a half year old games(her age) and I don't have a whole lot of energy due to just being destroyed from a rough last 10 years. But I do love her. I want her to know what Jesus is like the best way I can with whatever I have the energy to do.
So it's best for me right now to be stay-at-home. Especially since I can't work in this country anyway. I think it helps my wife and we don't have to have childcare. It's lame for me as a man to be at home but it's God's thing for right now. Maybe now I and whoever reads this are convinced of my stay-at-home apologist status.


  1. First, I think what you say about preferring secular jobs is really interesting and makes a lot of sense.

    Second, it is not lame for you to be staying at home. I can see why you might feel that way, because of all that has happened to you, but don't let yourself believe it. It's a lot of work, and dang, those kids can be frustrating, can't they? I think there's just something about 2.5-year-old girls.

    You should get in touch with Craig - here's his blog. I think you probably would have a lot to talk about. :)

    While God did not intend the bad things that have happened, He can and will use them for good. Maybe that "something good" will be a closer relationship between yourself and Lia than you might have had otherwise!

  2. I just noticed the comment. Thanks.

  3. i agree with lysana! i was going to say the same things, but she's already said them. =)