Wednesday, September 9, 2009

getting over it

I don't know if posting about it is actually going to help me do it, but I have a great deal of venom and even hate flowing through my veins and I want it gone.
The school that hired me from another country for one year did not renew my contract for a second year and has left me stranded. And even though I HATED working there and didn't want to ever go back, I can't move on since I don't have a next thing. The guy who hired me and is a complete piece of garbage for living with me and my brother during the transportation and then doing this is now the PRINCIPAL for the foreseeable future. Interesting since the guy didn't even go to college and never even went to Christian schools or sent his children there, so how does he make it better?
I've never worked for such a Pharisaical bunch of people. I mean, I was told not to drink and smoke as a church-going kid in the South but this was pure evil. These were definitely the people that killed Jesus and ones he was so enraged by. I guess I should be thankful I only lost my job. Only I'm not. I pray terrible calamity on the board and their families. The kind of prayers David prayed against his enemies in the Psalms.
But I've got to get over this. Please God and community of Jesus, get me over this.


  1. Love you Jody. I'm so sorry that all this went down. I do pray the Lord will help us forgive and hold "them" accountable.

  2. sometimes i have to vent, as well. totally understandable. just saying it out loud can help. so let it out, my friend! and i'm here praying with y'all, and angry on your behalf with those who give christians such a bad name and make my good friends miserable. shame on them! keep praying the psalms on them. righteous anger isn't always a bad thing. =)

  3. I don't think this was any different than David saying "break their teeth out Lord." Perfection has nothing to do with it. Let's throw out concern for a fellow human being.
    Believe me, my lesson was learned but I did right. The students had no idea what went on and still goes on.
    You don't have to agree or even read the blog.