Wednesday, December 30, 2009

conservatism versus modern liberalism

This is one of the most succinct things I've read about the huge cultural divide. Hope you'll give it a thorough read.



  1. i finally had time to read this, and wow. especially after living here in the uk for five years, this was very interesting. i've not thought about it quite that way, but it does really make sense. and makes me sad. there are things about 'the system' here that i really like (the nhs is, for me, a very good thing, for instance), but overwhelmingly there is no sense of cohesion-- of family, of community, of anything. it's sad.

  2. amie,
    thanks. i haven't been out of the US system long enough to stop being concerned about it and i haven't been in Canada long enough to really know what people's ideas about life and culture really are.
    i know that they don't want a whole lot of "Christian" in their Christian school. at least in the center of provincial government. i still want to be somewhere that i can make things better by introducing people that want to change the world to God.

  3. here we are so much a de-christianised culture that it's not even an issue. most people just don't see faith as having anything to do with how anyone else lives, and we must not be doing a good job of living ours as christians because no one is bothered. there are some things about that which make it easier to be a witness, but is anyone paying any attention? that's the problem for me-- i just don't know.

  4. well, that's the way it is here, and i kind of enjoy it. i'm trying to figure out what i'm good at and how i can use that in this culture to reach people. i like the idea of working in secular jobs and making a difference there as opposed to ever working in the church again. i kind of wanted to get additional education so i could be in university environments, but my health has not been great during or since seminary so i don't have a whole lot of motivation to get into that. hopefully when i'm legal the perfect thing will be opened up here.