Tuesday, January 12, 2010

President Obama must choose sides

This is just something good to think about. I hope you'll join me in continued prayer for the leaders of our country, and that we'll be active and alert in our jobs and ministries, wherever they are. http://www.americanthinker.com/2010/01/president_obama_must_choose_wh.html


  1. hm. that is... interesting. although i tend to think that writer is also going too far the other direction. not all muslims are terrorists or agree with any of the jihadist's views or actions. it is a fine line, of course, and i can understand both sides. it's finding the balance that's not so easy.

  2. well he might be a zionist, i haven't checked his background. the fine line is the leader of a country makes his country safe for ALL citizens and things have really changed for the protection of unsafe ideologies. i think sensible profiling is order to keep everyone safe when traveling, etc. if the current gov't waits until something awful happens-that's too late.
    i'm very conservative. i think the gov't should first and foremost protect a country's citizens and then trade/economy. i feel safe here in Canada, but it's more because of where I live and the culture here.

  3. i fall somewhere in the middle, i think. i agree that waiting til something happens is way too late, but i do struggle with how much is too much on the flip side of that. *sigh* which is why i don't want to be president. =)