Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Teaching others and 24

I finally have some new, original material! I hope you're watching 24 because it's a very interesting study of many things about human nature. And the show has built on itself for several seasons so now we have this mammoth development of characters. That's one reason that I hope it won't end soon, although I do have other favorites that I've been following faithfully that I will also talk about here.
So in last night's episode, we have a character from last season that was Jack's romantic interest, a former FBI agent named Renee. She was a real follower of policy last season and a bit of a square contrasted with Jack's "at all costs" attitude.
Well, she came back last night on the new season and boy had she changed. Instead of a lady with compassion for others and a desire to follow the rules we saw a pragmatist very much like Jack. Only she learned poorly.
Brought me back to some grade sevens I had last year for Phys Ed. I was trying to teach everyone to be more aggressive in soccer, like defenders making contact with the person trying to dribble in to the goal. Not fouling per se but making some body contact to disturb balance. Wasn't long before they were pushing and tripping each other. Not what I'd taught at all, but definitely what they'd learned.
My daughter and I play rough. I tickle her hard and give her little punches to the ribs and put her in gentle headlocks. It's not MMA; I love her dearly and would never purposely hurt her but sometimes I accidentally do. I apologize and kiss and hug and otherwise try to make her feel better and it works. Then she initiates the contact a little later by walking up to me and hitting me hard with her sharp, tiny little fist. Sometimes in the nuts. And sometimes her mother, who has nothing to do with our battles. And I know I've been a poor teacher.
So Renee saws off a guys' fingers last night to get off his house arrest bracelet, after being all amorous first to earn his trust. "Do what is necessary?" Jack came running in with his gun drawn. She had learned poorly.
I love the show. Can't wait to see what happens next.


  1. Whoa. I have never watched it, but, wow. That is interesting. And a very interesting topic, about learning poorly. Good points.

    And, I am sorry, but I am still giggling at "Sometimes in the nuts." I really don't know why that is always considered funny, because really, it's just evil, but still, I am giggling. More about how you wrote it though than that it happened, if that makes sense.

    You're doing a great job! :)

  2. Glad you liked it. I LOVE writing it if someone reads it.

  3. hmph. i distinctly remember commenting on this, and it's not here. =( of course, now i don't remember what i said...

    i haven't watched 24, but i've wanted to.

    and isn't it sad how we often learn the wrong things, even from the right lessons. i know i struggle with that. all too often.