Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Devil Went Down to the Island

OK, I'm sure all my seminary friends that watch LOST already knew this, but this season's John Locke is Satan. I think we've seen how he goes after people that are out of community and mad at the world and tells them lies. It was never more obvious than taking Sawyer around last night after finding him sitting in his underwear drinking whiskey and redneck grieving over Juliet. And the scene in the cave at the end of the episode where Locke basically tells Sawyer that Jacob is the island's killjoy and just doesn't want anyone to have any fun. But everyone else knows to go to the Temple where they can be safe together. Sawyer was easy pickins'.
If this wasn't the temptation from the Garden of Eden or the wilderness temptation of Jesus I've completely missed the boat back to the mainland.
Hope you're enjoying the show.

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