Friday, February 12, 2010

Great article on the emergent church

I love Rob Bell and Donald Miller's stuff but that's probably as far as I'll delve into emergent. I loved this article though. Have a look at it.



  1. my only real experience with emergent church is with a friend from new zealand who was working in the church of scotland with emergent church ideas while his wife did her phd. i didn't see any of these negatives in the article in his life or ministry... which makes me wonder how much it varies from person to person, or how much these negatives can be found in many seeker-oriented churches, whether they consider themselves 'emergent church' or not?

  2. amie, i haven't found that borrowing from other traditions is the problem, I just really agreed with the idea that emergents saw joining Jesus in some kind of "project" or "cause" rather than ever recognizing their sin and God's grace, the foundations of faith for orthodoxy. our church does some crazy things in worship for a church in this area but is still orthodox while the sounding cry of emergents seems to be "everything is permissable" as long as you're part of the "club."

  3. that's what i didn't get from my one friend, so it makes me sad to know that most of the rest of the emergent church movement isn't as solid as he is. luckily, i guess, he is teaching at a kiwi seminary training pastors.