Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Amusing Ourselves into Great Christianity

I have to teach Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman and What's So Great About Christianity by Dinesh D'Souza and wondered if anyone out there had ideas. I emailed Doug Groothius at the Constructive Curmudgeon after seeing that the Postman book was one of his favorites and even saw that he had the class do a media fast and write about it. 10 days with nothing but books and magazines. I think I'd DIE but are we becoming dumber and dumber because we don't read about the faith or culture? Do we just copy it? I know with Twitter which I don't use there's FaceBook that I do use and both make it easy for me not to interact with others or ever do much reading. I'm doing my best to read my Bible but I did take last week off. And I am moving through Mere Christianity slowly, but by and large I'm on the computer and probably on FB.
The D'Souza book will be a little easier to teach but I want to make it engaging. Have you had anything that has recently profoundly affected your spiritual life? Anything that made you notice God in the world? Movies or music? I think I already talked about Count of Monte Cristo again but I'd love to hear from you. I'll give you full credit!
Come Lord!


  1. i'll have to think about this and get back to you on specifics...

    i think i would definitely feel it if i were to do a 10 day media fast. heck, a two day fast would be tough enough! but i'm intrigued with the idea. i know i don't read enough, so i am in a book club to make sure i read at least one thing a month that isn't 'required' study stuff. it helps. and i love fb and could waste my life there, but for me it really is a lifeline to those i'm not distance-close to. it doesn't keep me from doing things with the very few friends i have here, it just helps me keep up with the very, very many who aren't here. so i need it. *hence ends the rationalisation* =)

  2. I'm no help because I'm not familiar with either of those books, but maybe Craig will know something. He's just as much a FB junkie as you, though. Hah.

    I've been avoiding the media junkage (at least at home) lately and I've been reading, instead...but all fiction. So I'm not sure how much more enlightening that is. ha.

  3. since you 'have' to teach the books, I suppose this is off topic, but why teach a book about the bible rather than teach the bible? I assume you're under another who sets the agenda, but, hey, food for thought if you're ever setting your own lessons.

    Personally, I don't think I could teach to a book. I could use a lesson as a starting point, but I don't think I could go chapter by chapter through a book.

    -Todd (this is an account for a fantasy football blog I created but no longer maintain.)

  4. the books aren't "about the Bible." they're popular books to help teachers understand the prevailing culture.

  5. Hey Jody,

    When I'm wondering what's going on/what to do, sometimes I read Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence. Another thing to do is to have half an argument, loudly if necessary, with whoever you're upset at. It sounds funny, but I accidentally did it the other day in the car and it was great, I got so much frustration out. Say what you gotta say...helps free you up to do it someday (if necessary). Hmmm...I often like to reflect on feeling the Spirit, that is often neglected by Christians.

  6. I like Amusing ourselves to Death AND The Count of Monte Cristo!!!! Two of my favourites! :)