Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Deleting Friends?

Well, maybe they weren't all friends, but lately I've been purging my FaceBook lists. anybody that seems to start political or religious arguments I get rid of. why? well, obviously I'm not there in person to banter back and forth with all the ideologues that share the wrong POV, so rather than coming across as a cantankerous old kook I remove them. I hope you have people like that because as great as they are to debate in real life, they're that frustrating on FaceBook. And I can't just leave well enough alone. It's always said that the 2 ways to start a fight are to begin a discussion about religion or politics.
Are you like that? Is it just cause I "stay at home"? I've always thought that "liberals" are people that generally aren't working for a living and therefore find it easy how to tell everyone else how to spend their money as well as what's important globally.
I guess the longer I live, the more I want people to be responsible for their own actions. As a school teacher I was always in disbelief when seniors preparing for graduation wouldn't bother doing assignments on time, didn't study for tests, missed excessive classes, etc. And their parents would come by and say "Why didn't you let me know?" I don't know ma'am, why isn't your adult student responsible for his actions?
I hope this still fits with the theme of the blog. I expect the best of myself and, for some reason, I still expect the best of others.
So says the guy that's sitting here watching My Name is Earl.


  1. i agree that it's not a good place for trying to have any kind of discussion (except perhaps in private messages), and that i get really, really tired of people's religious and political spewing. especially when it's negative and hate-filled. but i don't usually delete-- i just set it where i can't see their posts. amounts to the same thing, i guess. =)

  2. Maybe I'm growing out of the whole thing. If they're really my friends we seldom seem to get out of line. Having been a teacher I wind up with all these former students and they either talk about who they want to hook up with or they're spewing ideological idiocy. They're not old college or seminary buddies;)

  3. Facebook is good for free image hosting, eh?
    Beyond that, I don't know what it's all about,
    with all this make-me-your-friend
    then I'll ignore you
    going on.

    Maybe there's some grand illusion of worth in
    big friend numbers . . .

    I don't know.

    What is it with Chesterton?
    What do you like about his works?

    I do know the home/dad/kids life, though,
    thanks to a decade or so in the past of that.
    Very introspective times . . . can be.

    Call me ditillo2, Ishmael.

  4. Sorry I haven't been back in awhile. Under the weather quite a bit. Going to write about it tonight.
    I like Chesterton because he competed with the common ideas of the marketplace and debunked them with incredible language skills, and was well-respected for being a Christian.

  5. Oh-oh, hope you're weather's better.
    Thanks for the reply - sounds


  6. Ooops.
    I meant you are weathers better.