Tuesday, June 21, 2011

assume the best

I think the internet has been really tough on personal relationships. I believe that those among us that are introverts and passive-aggressive conflict avoiders are much quicker to interpret what's been said as posts on twitter, Facebook, and blogs like this one. I would rather you dialog with me as to what I mean exactly rather than jump to conclusions that you know what I'm talking about. This blog is just me and my sometimes internal ramblings which may be raw and nervy at times. If we're really friends in the first place just talk to me if you think I'm going crazy. Having said all this...
I go to a great church. Ministry as a staff member AT ANY CHURCH has not been a good thing for me. All churches are limited by what they can do with secular, non-Jesus familiar people and therefore can't really do ministry as the New Testament speaks about. After all, we don't have community possessions and live together. That might make working out problems with each other a little easier. And a little harder. Working out problems with others is just hard, but if they're brothers and sisters in Jesus it's what we have to do. And hopefully we all care enough to do that.

Onward and upward

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