Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ministering from the Outside

I hope this topic stays with the theme of my blog but I'm writing it on here anyway. It's very difficult to have been in professional ministry, whatever that is, and go back to being a church paean. I have so many ideas about things that would make the mission of the organization fulfilled, but no one to talk to about them. Or if there is talking there is no implementation.
I just read an interesting article by Perry Noble, the guy who pastors a complex of churches in South Carolina, about the things he wants from the people he works with. Where does that leave the people outside the professional staff? Did Paul or Jesus only work with the professionals or all those who were committed to the cause of seeing people become Christians and grow in that life? I'll bet it was the second one...
So, to all the pastors out there, remember those who were in ministry full-time but had to leave it for good reasons; maybe we have some good advice to offer. Or maybe we've already offered it and you haven't followed through. If you want those people to hang around maybe you should involve them. If not maybe they'll go somewhere they can be more involved.
But maybe this is just advice from someone that desperately needs a job to stop thinking about dead end issues, like what I used to do and where I used to be. I sure hope not.
Onward and upward.

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