Monday, June 20, 2011

whatever is necessary

I kind of wanted to follow up on a post the from the other day. I don't know if the unrest I'm feeling is that I'm getting ready to start a church or just dissatisfaction. I just see ministry being done so poorly it just really makes me want to do it myself. As I said before, for me ministry is not in the church, and if all my work week is spent planning worship services, am I really hanging out with people that need to know Jesus? I don't think Jesus or Paul spent all week planning a worship service or their next series of sermons. I think it was spent hanging out with people that wanted a life change. I know pastors have to stick with denominational standards so they can't exactly hang out with non-followers of Jesus in a bar or where "evil" things might happen. I and others that feel like me don't have those hangups. I feel that I learned a lot of these ideas from Blue Like Jazz, which as I understand will be out in theaters as a movie soon. I think it changed me forever, maybe some not in a good way.

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