Thursday, June 9, 2011

not legit

I have a lot of friends who are in the ministry full-time, as a life and career choice. It was a choice that I thought I'd made too at one time in my life, but God had other plans, and I was driven off from almost every ministry job I ever had. Maybe I never had the personality to be a pastor, because I'm sure they know that the sheep are not always docile. I felt a need to confront people on their attitudes and behaviors, but maybe that's not what one does. Anyway, for me, I did not feel it was a legit career. Let me explain.
I did not like planning and reading. I loved preaching a weekly sermon but I still feel that the average church attender thinks pastoral staff only works one a day a week. I also wanted to be around non-Christians more, even though many of the people attending are nominal or non-Christians. So, if I ever do it again...
It won't be my day job. I will work at something that allows me to build relationships with those that don't know Jesus. I will eat with them, drink and smoke cigars with them, be a friend and confidant, and hopefully their preacher on the weekend. My faith will never be watered down and my character won't be compromised. Because this is my understanding of the early church fathers and even Jesus-they stood out for being different in character. But they related to normal people on their level, whatever they happened to be doing.
Singing tonight in a voice recital. My first ballad.

onward and upward


  1. Have you been reading the Fathers?

    I recommend starting with St. Ignatius of Antioch, who lived during the time of the Apostles and is connected to them. Even the desert Fathers, like St. Anthony the Great, teach us much about ministry in the world through their great humility and life of inner prayer.

  2. nope. just the accounts of the disciples and Paul.